Young Rugby

We have teams ranging from Under 6’s to Under 16’s and each is assigned a team name.  If you would like further information please contact the Team Manager from the relevant age group that applies to your child.

For example, Under 9 as on the first of September at the start of the season.

Under 16’s – The Chiefs

Details TBC

Under 15’s – The Sharks

Details TBC

Under 14’s – The Griffins

Team Manager – Mark Reed
Tel: 078 254233408

Under 13’s – The Warriors

Team Manager – Chris Snell~
Tel: 07715 371383

Under 12’s – The Dragons

Team Manager – Bennie Krige
Tel: 07814 348654

Under 11’s The Crusaders

Team Manager – Rick Twomey
Tel: 07432 128761

Under 10’s – The Tigers

Team Manager – David Lalley
Tel: 07808 802967

Under 9’s – The Wasps

Team Manager – Claire Cook
Tel: 07967 640328

Under 8’s – The Bears

Team Manager – Rhys Phillips
Tel: 07723 085087

Under 7’s -

Details TBC

Under 6’s – Monmouth Mini’s

Details TBC